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Parivartan Stage2

Customer Identification

Organizations exist to serve the customer needs. But, identifying the right customers for your organization and what needs will be served is essential for the organization in smooth functioning. Trying to cater to diverse customer needs will only lead to hassles and confusion within the organization. In the Customer Identification module, we will help you to identify the right set of customer, their journey to reach you and their needs. Through this module, you will understand Customers thought process, unleash the Inventory of Innovations & derive value proposition of your organization.

Customer Mind Map

Customer Mind Map

Understand what customer thinks before he come to you

Right Product Mix

Right Product Mix

Redefine your product relevance with help of proven tools

Value Proposition

Value Proposition

Identify your unique offering to the customer

Parivartan Journey

A Unique 8-modular transformational journey that provides contextual, customized, consultant-based implementation support which transforms your organization into an ever evolving and self-sustaining organization

Discover your purpose
Business model
Talent Factory
Customer Identification
Financial Model
Processes & Technology
Neural Network
Align your Organization
Build a cohesive force of your team working towards a common organizational goal
Sustain and Scale
Define, build, sustain, and scale your business. Thrive
Boundless Companion
Transform every aspect of your organization

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