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Job Category: Consultant
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Mumbai
We are looking for a full-time candidate who would be working with us in the above mentioned programmes. He/She will under-go proper training on the all the aspects of the programmes for the initial few weeks. Post that, he would be working with us as a consultant wherein he/she would be working directly with the promoters of the company to implement the learnings from the education sessions into their companies. It provides an immense learning opportunity as one gets direct exposure to the grass root problems that these companies face, right from day one. The successful candidate will be working across industries /sectors. He/she must a prior experience of at least 2 years in one of the best 5 organizations in their sector. Further intelligence around the other sectors would be built during the journey that he/she would be undergoing with us. A successful candidate should demonstrate –
  • At least 2+ years’ experience in one of the best 5 companies in their sector
  • Communication Skill
  • Analytical mindset
  • Excellent excel skills
  • The main responsibilities of a consultant would include:
  • Jointly executing projects in various functions, Working in co-ordination with Transganizers
  • Educating entrepreneurs to provide an end-to-end holistic experience in the journey of
  • their dream organization
  • Devise and implement growth strategy
  • Develop a framework to execute and monitor projects
  • Responsible for delivery of what has been promised to customers
  • Making schedule of operations to be carried at client’s place
  • Carry out research and data collection to understand the organisation
  • Conduct analysis
  • Interview the client employees, management team and other stakeholders
  • Run focus groups and facilitate workshops
  • Prepare business proposals and presentations
  • Identify issues and form hypotheses and find solutions for them
  • Present findings and recommendations to the clients
  • Implement recommendations and ensure the client receives the necessary assistance to carry it all out
  • Lead and manage those within the team, including analysts
  • Liaise with the client to keep them informed of progress and to make relevant decisions
  • Prepare client progress reports
  • Help client analyse their performance data and build business strategy
  • Build prototype system on Excel or any other platform for clients or Transganization.
  • Learn new software used at client’s place
  • Make reports, case studies at the end of every project
  • Make agreements between Transganization customers
  • Should be ready to go outstation, if needed
  • Apart from this, any other responsibility as needed by the organization

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