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Monkey Mind to Monk

Monkey Mind to Monk

Monkey Mind is a Buddhist term which means “being unsettled”, “being restless”, “being inconsistent”, “being confused”, “being indecisive”, “being uncontrollable”…..These terms are so relatable to all the entrepreneurs from all eras. So the question that arises is what causes the monkey mind? Every human alive on this planet is accompanied by Ego – knowingly or unknowingly. This ego is like a chatterbox in your mind, whose noise is enormous, and it becomes impossible to stay focused and most importantly does not let you stay in present. In-fact, it carries human’s to tree-tops with an ambitious frame of mind without a reality check. Since humans have the capacity of thinking we give attention to many things at once and focus on things that are yet to do instead of what we are currently doing; this entices the monkey within us to jump from one tree to another to eat all the fruits during its chase. So the question that should arise is – should we just tame the monkey in our mind? If yes, then how?

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