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Darpan - Free Business Education Webinar

We at Transganization had a feeling and intuition that this Pandemic Situation will not go easily. This will bring about a RADICAL shift in the thought process of people and market context, which in turn will change the complete business dynamics.

Darpan was started on the first day of Janta Curfew (22nd March) to address the changed business dynamics and the uncertainties faced by Business Owners. We at Transganization believe that every SME organization in India has the potential to scale-up and grow.

The only missing element here is the science to achieve sustainability and we wanted to extend this helping hand to the whole Indian Business community free of cost.

Darpan Free webinar educates Business Owners and Professionals about the Change and Transformation they need to bring about in themselves and their organization to SUSTAIN and SCALE-UP in this new Market Context. Every week we uncover NEW TOPICS and help you understand the KEY CONCEPTS around it. You would get to learn the concepts in simple language and through real-life examples and case studies.

Join Darpan Webinar, Every Friday 8:30 AM to 10:00 AM followed by Q&A

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