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About Transganization

Transganization is a Business Consultancy that provides Ancient Indian Wisdom to overcome Modern Indian Business Challenges by providing sustainable and all-encompassing solutions.

All programs designed under Transganization are a blend of the principles of Business Management ‘SCIENCE’ and ‘SPIRITUAL’ learnings of self-awareness with the ultimate aim to build self-sustaining organizations. In our experience, we have realized that either education or consulting solutions in isolation don’t work, but a well-balanced combination of education and consulting will result in most effective solution

Most of the Entrepreneur driven organizations survive and sustain till the time promoter is ‘present’ within the organization. When the promoter stops working or dies the business starts declining and ultimately the business also dies. Transganization is born to transform Entrepreneurial Organizations into ‘Self-sustaining and constantly Evolving’ organizations that will LIVE beyond the life of an Entrepreneur. We do this with a lethal combination of Management Science along with Spiritual Connect. We help SME business owners scale-up and grow by creating self-sustainable organizations. Transganization has so far been part of 470+ business owners’ transformation process since 2013.

Transganization is built with a strong team of leaders who specialise in Business Management education and Organization Development. Our team carries with themselves a collective experience of 50+ years in the field of business management. We provide seamless solutions for an Entrepreneur to ‘Learn’ and to practically ‘Implement’ the learnings in their business under the guidance of Transganization Leaders.

Soch of Transganization (Purpose)

Transganization is an intense school of thought that exists to work with soul of organizations and it’s leaders to ignite their deep-rooted consciousness by providing high-quality education and companionship programs. Our team lives by LOVE, SERVE and GIVE philosophy and is passionate about creating sustainable businesses that are focused on making the world a better place.