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Transganization is a business education and implementation consultancy organization. Transganization educates entrepreneurs with the right business knowledge and our Transganizers (Consultants) help you to implement it on the ground. We impart education through a combination of free and premium webinars and physical seminars. The content of our previous webinars is available on this platform (Transganization Campus). We work with Indian SME’s to help them achieve self-sustainability. Since 2013, we have helped 470+ business owners to transform their organization till date.

To experience our free webinars, you can log into Transganization campus, that gives you complete access to the recorded and live webinars. We have our free live business education webinar “Darpan” every Friday between 5:00pm - 6:30pm, free live spiritual webinar “Discover Ekam” every Sunday 9:00am-11:00am and free live business education webinar in Marathi “Prarambh” every Saturday 9:30-10:30am.

We have a very sequential but agile transformation toolkit.
Stage 1: Purpose Discovery
Stage 2: Customer Identification
Stage 3: Business Model
Stage 4: Financial Model
Stage 5: Dashboard
Stage 6: Process and Technology
Stage 7: Talent Factory
Stage 8: Neural Network

We help you by delivering critical education regarding this 8- step process through webinars and seminars, and then implementing the learnings on the ground in your organization. This framework enables you to be on the path of self-sustainability and helps you not only to survive but thrive in any market condition.

The first step to transformation is the accept the need for transformation. The business owner and the senior leadership drive the transformation. Our Transganizers help you to onboard and align each and every member of your team on the transformation journey and help you to build a self-sustaining organization.

After a few years into your business, if you feel stagnancy or feel that something is missing or feel that you are unable tap market potential, its time you embark the transformation journey. Now, you will have to decide whether you’ll live your today by yesterday’s obsolete or soon-to-be-obsolete principles or you’ll choose to transform.
If still in a state of doubt, you can get in touch with us at +917666740123 and our team will help you get clarity on the transformation journey.

Parivartan is a 8-module program where our Transganizers help you to implement what you learn in the program in your organization. We advise you to attend our free Darpan (English & Hindi) or Prarambh (Marathi) webinar to get a flavour of the Parivartan journey or Enrol for our Free Parivartan Readiness Program after subscribing to Transganization Campus. In these free sessions, we explain to entrepreneurs, various transformation techniques to be implemented in their organization. To understand more about the Parivartan journey get in touch with us at +917666740123.

If you have a purpose that drives you and you are surviving the market conditions for past few years, then no company is small. If you choose to transform at a smaller stage, this will help you avoid the hassles of transforming an already established organization. Transformation activity in any large enterprise is like moving an elephant which requires lot of effort and time. But, since you are small, that means you are also agile which would make the transformation journey smooth and fast.

Turnover or similar metrics cannot be the only parameter to judge sustainability. There are a series of parameters that need to be monitored to judge the sustainability of the organization. Let’s say you are growing at 10% every year, does that mean your bottom line is also growing at the same rate? Are your processes aligned to your future volume? Do your employees have the right skill-set to handle future volumes? Is your business model aligned to changing market conditions? Are you changing your strategy every month or every year? There are numerous such questions that need to be answered before concluding on sustainability.